You Need to Know About Web Hosting

We need to consider when talking about web host the different types of servers as well as databases and email and FTP. So at this point you have the server, the name, the amount of space, and the quantity of bandwidth per month, so now we will look at the type of server your site is hosted on.

Server Types

When we talk about server type we are usually talking about the operating system that the server is running on. Some of the more common types of servers are Windows, Linux, Apache and UNIX. One of the primary differences between the different types of servers is that Windows servers tend to be on the more expensive side as opposed to Linux and UNIX servers. But, the money you will spend up front will be well spent in the long end.


Now we have got you all the things you need to get going so far, the next thing that we need to talk about is email. In the world we live in today it is of vital importance that you have an email account. If you want to run a successful surf board business then you will need to have an email account to effectively do business. Most of your free accounts will not offer email accounts, therefore you may have to purchase an add on plan that will give you access to email. Many of the dedicated servers will give you several email boxes that range from 10 to an unlimited number of accounts.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is commonly used to transport files up to a server, hence the name File Transfer Protocol. Pretty much if a host does not offer FTP then your life will be exceptionally hard in getting your files uploaded to the server.


Now we come to the end of the road as we have discussed all the services that you need to have a successful website, now comes the part where we discuss the two most important aspects, up-time and price. A beautiful website is of no use if it is not able to be seen by the rest of the world due to the server being down. Keep this in mind no server stays up 100% of the time, there will be times that the server has to be down for system maintenance. A server that has an up-time of around 90%-99% is considered acceptable.


The last thing that we need to discuss is of course how much is all this going to cost you. That all depends on the number of services that we discussed earlier you want to include in you plan. If you want just a hobby site then go with a free hosting. If you want to make your surf board business the best one around then use a dedicated server which will vary in price again it’s all about the features you want. I hope these articles have been helpful and informative in the aspect of getting you a web site and a place to host it at.

What You Should Know About Web Hosting

You surely heard about the term “domain name” if you are an average internet user. This might not mean too much for you but without web hosting and domain name registration you will surely have a hard time browsing through the internet.

The web hosting and domain name registration can be compared to how the telephone system is used be the people. One main element why we have Internet connection is the telephone. Phone lines is quite based on some electronically procedures.

You are making use of the web hosting and domain name registration when you are fond of surfing the web. The specific carrier that you are using assigns a particular number which is exclusively for you only when you order a telephone line or service.

It’s the same for the computers, which has a sequence of numbers, which is longer than the telephone numbers. The numbers assigned to you when you apply for a web hosting and domain name registration is known as the IP address and these are made unique to your computer.

IP address is known as the Internet Protocol Address. The DNS have allowed it to be replaced with names that are distinctive since memorization of these numbers may be quite a tough job. For a successful web hosting and domain name registration requires no duplicates and should be unique. You should think of it properly and wisely.

Learn More About Web Hosting

Are you confused about web hosting and the terms that are been used on the website. Here is a few descriptions of web hosting terms to help you understand further.


The term “bandwidth” is used as a name to measure the traffic on your website. Every time a visitor opens your website, more bandwidth is used. If a visitor clicks on another page of your website then this is also counted as use of bandwidth. With many companies these days, you will get unlimited bandwidth included with the package price but you must be aware that a fair use policy may apply to ensure the stability of the company offering the service.

“Basic information web hosting”

If your website allows users to upload or download files, then this could use a significant amount, online flash games or videos that are uploaded to your site will also use a lot due to the videos and games that have to stream to play. For high traffic video and game sites, you may require a dedicated server as a shared server will be very slow for your visitors and your success will be less likely.


This is the term used to describe the amount of data (files) you can upload to your server. All of your websites files, videos and games will take up the diskspace. Videos and games have larger file sizes and more diskspace will be required.

Things To Know About Web Hosting

Nowadays, there are many web hosting providers with various hosting services. When you first visit the providers’ homepage, you are probably unsure of what kind of hosting service you should get for your website. Thus, here are some of web hosting terminologies to help you understand better about web hosting.

1. Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is a quite common hosting service, primarily for small to medium websites. When using it, your website will be hosted on a server that is able to contain hundreds or thousands of websites. Because there are plenty of websites on a shared server, in order not to affect other sites you are often limited about bandwidth and storage capacity. In contrast, when other sites use too many server resources, it also affects your site. Therefore, the average price for the Shared Hosting is only about 4-5 US Dollars. There are 2 types of Shared Hosting: Linux and Windows.

2. Linux Hosting:

With this one you can use the tools that are designed on Linux. It is consistent with PHP and Perl language websites and other common open source code such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. You do not need to know the command lines in Linux to be able to use Linux Hosting since there’s graphics interface in the hosting management that is easy to use.

3. Windows Hosting:

If your website is designed using ASP language and Microsoft’s tools, Windows Hosting is the right choice. The price of Windows Hosting is usually higher than Linux one.

4. VPS Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, in other words it is a virtual server. A strong configuration server can install multiple virtual machines. When owning VPS, you have the management power to one of the server’s virtual machines. VPS Hosting is used for the high traffic sites. You can fully restart VPS as you want because there is only your site on VPS. However, when the server goes down, the entire VPS on that sever also collapse.

5. Dedicated Hosting:

If your website has a high traffic, Web Hosting becomes important. You might not use the Shared Hosting or VPS one as these 2 services often contains a lot of other sites that might affect your site. Using the Dedicated Hosting, you will be supplied with a separate server, which contains only your site, and you will have full control of it. As a result it is also more expensive than the Shared and VPS one.

6. Managed Hosting:

The hosting services (especially VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting), are normally divided into 2 types: Managed and Unmanaged one. With the Managed Hosting, the configuration installation on the server will be done by technical staff. If you already know how to install it, you might get it. This one is also more expensive than Unmanaged one.

7. Colocation:

Similar to the Dedicated Hosting, you also get your own server for your site. However, in the Dedicated Hosting, you rent the server from the provider. In this one, you might use your own server. The provider will locate your server in the Data Center or in other words, Colocation is a space rental service and infrastructure services to connect the servers to the Internet. Colocation is only interesting for the big companies who want to have a full control of their activities. The price for the Colocation service is the highest.